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Business Loans for Contractors


Keeping Your Business Strong & Successful

Why are loans for contractors so vital? It’s because for virtually all contractors — such as commercial plumbing, roofers, electrical contractors, masonry contractors, cement suppliers, window fabricators, fence contractors, landscapers, and the list of professional trades goes on — uneven and unpredictable cash flow isn’t the exception: it’s the norm.

In addition to seasonal demand cycles, most contractors have 90-120 days of net accounts receivable and must make up the shortfall to keep projects in scope and on schedule.

In addition, when it comes to winning proposals, contractors with sufficient working capital often have a major advantage over cash-poor competitors. Further, purchasing new equipment and any upgrades requires sufficient cash flow well in advance of milestone payments.

Loans for Contractors to Cover Expenses and Opportunities

At National Business Capital, we understand both the expenses and opportunities that contractors face throughout the year. That’s why we proudly offer affordable, low-administration loans for contractors so they can:

  • Fund payroll and pay subcontractors
  • Hire additional staff to win more jobs
  • Purchase equipment, tools, and supplies for new jobs
  • Procure insurance, licenses and permits
  • Maintain a healthy cash flow (especially when jobs are often paid in full 30 days after work is completed, this can be difficult for a contractor)
  • Implement advanced technology (hardware and software)
  • Launch marketing campaigns to onboard new customers
  • Provide staff training (safety, compliance, skills upgrading, etc.)
  • Invest in their business to increase profit potential
  • Support back office staff so they can follow up on receivables
  • Acquire a competitor to enlarge capacity and economies of scale
  • …or cover any other expense, investment or opportunity!

Types of Loans for Contractors

We offer a range of loans for contractors, including 

Low Administration & Rapid Turnaround

We understand that time is always of the essence in the construction industry. That is why you can complete our secure online application in less than five minutes. We also review all applications within 24 hours, and upon approval, we will have the funds in your account within days. Our contractor loan approval rate is around 90 percent — which is far higher than big banks.

Realistic Requirements

Banks often reject loans for contractors because they deem the industry too risky, and they want to move upstream and serve large enterprise-level clients. But at National Business Capital, we are proud to help contractors of all sizes — including smaller firms — remain strong and successful. That is why unlike banks:  

  • We do not demand excellent credit scores. Bad credit is not a deal-breaker, and neither is an open tax lien or past discharged bankruptcy. In fact, we offer a range of both business lines of credit and business loans for contractors with bad credit, specialized to be easily obtainable no matter your FICO. 
  • We do not require collateral for many of our funding solutions, including our working capital loans and business lines of credit.
  • We do not place any limitations or restrictions on how funds can be used, or the vendors you must do business with (if you are seeking equipment financing). You are always in full control, which is how it should be!

Expert Support

When you become a valued National Business Capital client, you will be assigned a designated Business Financing Advisor who will take ownership of all communications and issues, and provide you with personalized concierge-level support. We know how valuable your time is and commit to making your experience with us positive and efficient from day one.  

Contact Us Now or Get Started

We are here to answer your questions and help you make a funding decision that is right for your practice today — and into your successful and stable long-term future. Contact us by phone at (877) 482-3008, or by email or web chat. Or, click below and complete our short 1-minute online application, and we’ll be in touch in a few minutes to guide you on the next steps.

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