Alexis Bryant


Beach, Adventuring, Travel, and Shopping

Alyssa Kowalski

Lead Processor

Cooking, Walking my dog Jax, Coloring adult coloring books, Spending time with family and friends, Pinterest, Beer and wine tasting with my Husband

Amanda Honey

Business Development Admin

Training for fitness competitions, DIY projects from Pinterest, Any outdoor activity, and Going to sporting events

Angelo Cardullo

Business Consultant

Traveling, Weight lifting, and Woodworking

Ben Dejesus

Business Consultant

Sports, Watching my kids play sports, Watching movies, and Traveling

Benjamin Trusnovec

Customer Service Specialist

My love and passion in life is music, Playing and teaching piano for years, Fishing, Yoga, Snowboarding, and Traveling

Bradley Worksman

Business Consultant

Traveling, Sports, Music, and Spending time with my Wife and two kids

Cassandra Denis

Retention Admin

Stock Car Racing, Riding my quad, Exploring the outdoors, Playing with my dog, and Traveling

Daniel Borruso

Business Development Officer

Family, Friends, Food, Finance, Sports/boxing, Movies, Music, Travel, Nature, Connecting, Creative writing, Creative cocktails, Cheese, Wine and Spirits

Deniz Evlek

Business Consultant

Coaching my sons peewee football and lacrosse teams, Playing sports, Listening to music, and Hanging out with my kids

Dillon Harvey

Business Consultant

Playing soccer, Weightlifting, Reading, Snowboarding, and Networking

Frank Caldararo

Business Consultant

Playing softball, Traveling, Spending time with family, and Painting

Glenn Trovato

Relationship Specialist

Lacrosse, Weight lifting, and Going to any sporting event

Greg Amendola

Business Consultant / Sales Team Lead

Motorcycles, Sports car shows, Darts, Long Island wineries, and Trying out new restaurants

James Brady

Business Consultant

Hockey, Darts, Kayaking, Snowboarding, Paintball, Archery, Fantasy sports, Computer games, and Traveling

James Hargrove

IT Admin

Cooking, 3D printing, Basic 3D modeling, and Woodworking

James Webster

CEO & Co-Founder

Boating, Skiing, Hiking, Fishing, and Baseball with my Daughter

Jasmine Brumell


Selfies, Makeup, and Baking

Jenna Pappas


Spending time Outside, especially on the beach or hiking, I’ve gotten really into traveling in the last few years, and Who doesn’t love to go out to eat?!

Jennifer Barish

Production Manager

Baking cupcakes, Working out, Spin class, Being in the water, Laughing, and Spending time with family

Jillian Werfelman

Retention Admin

Building furniture, Playing field hockey in a Women's League, and Collecting old Marvel comic books

Joann Voros

Operations Assistant

Painting, Going for long walks, and Spending time with my 3 children!

John Bodre

Business Consultant

Hanging with the family, Playing sports, Working out, and Cooking

John Laronga

Relationship Specialist

Family, Friends, Sports, Reading and Anything on the water

John Salvador

Finance Manager

Hanging with my Dog, Family time, Traveling, and Finding new restaurants

Joseph Camberato

President & Co-Founder

Fishing, Skiing, Golfing, Nice drives out East with my family, and Simply enjoying good times and food with good people

Joseph Safina

Business Consultant

Auto customization and restoration, Off road 4 wheeling, and Hunting

Josh Devaney

Business Consultant

Racing my ATV, Playing basketball, Hiking, Video editing, and Filming

Josh Gold

Business Consultant

Writing and playing music, Cooking, BBQ, and Private soccer training

Kaitlyn Cleary


Going to the beach, Watching reality TV, Going to country concerts, Playing tennis, Hanging out with friends and family, and Anything that involves makeup and shoes

Kayla Lopez

Office Admin

Taking pictures, Catching sunrises, Learning to cook new recipes, and Going on adventures

Kevin Kujan

Retention Specialist

Detailing cars, Playing sports, and Spending time with my beautiful Niece

Kim Florio

Director of Operations

Yoga, Interior decorating, Antique shopping, and Skiing

Kimberly Sciascia

Retention Admin

Krav Maga, Traveling, Scrapbooking, Working out, Baking, and Listening to music

Korinne Tanner

Operations Assistant

Traveling, Going to the beach, Reading, and Spending time with family

Liseth Toro

Retention Admin

Traveling around the world, Going to the beach, Lifting at the gym, spinning, Reading at the beach, and Volunteering at the shelter

Marco Vasconez

Personal Assistant

Playing soccer, Basketball, Photography, and Styling

Mark Harris

Business Consultant

Coaching baseball and football, Reading with my children, and Going to the beach with my children

Matt Armenia

Relationship Specialist

Working out at gym, Bowling, and Playing video games

Matt Cruz

Relationship Specialist

Lifting weights, Sprinting, Fishing, Playing poker, Hiking, and Going to new restaurants to try new foods

Matt Auletta

Lead Relationship Specialist

Sports, Family, and Cooking

Megan Capobianco

Marketing Manager

Hanging out with Family, Going to the beach, Volleyball, and Cooking

Michael Gullo

Business Consultant / Sales Team Lead

Playing sports, Baseball, Basketball, Hanging with my kids, and Eating Ice Cream and Ices

Michael Kulmatski

Business Consultant

Nature walks, Biking, and Hanging out with my Son

Michael Stephani

Business Consultant

Working on my car and motorcycle, Bowling, Fishing, Boating, Going to the beach in my 4x4 truck, Eating good food, Being by the water, and Relaxing with friends

Miranda Torres


Nature walks, Watching documentaries, Passion for fashion, Makeup, Food, Traveling, and Solving puzzles

Nicholas Garret

Business Consultant

Karaoke, Enjoying the beach, Playing in competitive sport leagues, mainly flag football and basketball

Nicholas Ghanie

Lead Relationship Specialist

Working on cars

Nick Savini

Salesforce Administrator

Ordering packages online and Getting deliveries with Rob

Nicole Kulawski

Marketing Admin

Ballroom Dancing, Investing in the Stock Market, Spin class, and Going to wineries

Nicole Marra

Operations Assistant

Going to the Gym and Boxing

Pat Manning

Business Consultant / Sales Team Lead

Spending time with my Wife and Daughter, Playing sports, Riding ATV’s, and Shooting shot guns

Paul Otheguy

Business Consultant

Soccer, Chess, and Pool

Phil Fernandes

Business Consultant

Traveling, Golfing, Bicycling, Grilling, Cars, Boating, and Going to the beach

Rafael Rivera

Relationship Manager

Family, Crossfit, Coffee, and Bacon!

Rebecca Glaser


Reading, Boating, Traveling, and Playing with my dog

Richard Rao

Business Consultant

Playing sports, Attending sporting events, Fishing, Trading stocks, Spending every minute with my daughter, and Going to the gym

Rob Percoco

Technology Manager

Ordering packages online and Getting deliveries with Nick

Roy Bruno

Business Development Officer

Drinking craft beer, Working out, Reading, and Listening to music

Sal Guiliano

Business Consultant

Playing with my 6 year old daughter Madelyn and my 3 year old son Luca, Playing golf, Going to the movies, Tickling the ivory’s on the piano, and Getting real creative on the BBQ!

Sean Connor

Business Consultant

Sports, Horseback riding, and Woodworking

Shannon Treadwell

Senior Processor

Being at the beach, Boating, Hanging out with family, All outdoor activities, and Shopping

Sierra Minogue

Retention Manager

Yoga, Wine drinking, Crafting, Dancing, Cupcake creating, and Being hilarious

Stacey Karson

Executive Assistant

Brunching, Traveling, Pinterest-ing, and Spending time with family

Stef Ohayon

Marketing Admin

Relaxing on the beach with a good book, Binge watching HGTV's Fixer Upper, and Being crafty

Steven Voros

Business Consultant

Golfing, Boating, and Spending quality time with my girls

Valentine Horvath

Business Consultant

Golf, Baseball, Gym, Boxing, Cooking, Movies, Video games, Fishing, Boating, Traveling, and Going to the beach

Ted Theodoropoulos


Golf, Basketball, Coaching, Exercise, and Spending time with my family

Thomas Ryan

Business Consultant

Drinking a cup of black dark roast coffee, Earning reward points with my favorite franchise Subway, Sharing investment ideas, Playing Texas Hold 'em, and Working out

Veronica Turell

Administrative Assistant

Baking goodies, Cooking new yummy foods (or at least attempting!), Decorating my home, Attending Broadway shows, Shopping, Watching movies, Photography, and Spending time with friends and family

Zina Roman

Operations Admin

Running, Hiking, Cooking, and Eating

Executive Team

Ted Theodoropoulos

Ted Theodoropoulos, COO, at National Business Capital is a senior executive with extensive experience taking growth stage companies to new heights. Ted has successfully navigated companies through financial distress, international growth and various financial transactions. He excels working in a fast paced environment where his analytical approach in setting goals allows the Company to maximize growth and profitability. Ted graduated from St. John’s University with MBA in Finance and BS degree in Accounting. He is also CPA certified in NY State. Ted was born and raised on Long Island. He enjoys playing basketball, golf, coaching and traveling.

Joseph Camberato
President & Co-Founder

Joseph Camberato, President and partner at National Business Capital, developed a passion for business at a young age. He began his career in commercial and residential mortgage lending which led to offering traditional business loans to his commercial clients. As the economy worsened, it became difficult to offer traditional loans. Joseph saw business owners in need of financing, but who had no idea where to turn. He helped them find alternative sources for business financing which sparked the founding of National Business Capital.

Joseph studied business management and marketing and has been working in finance for over 10 years. His focus has been on business financing and payment processing for more than 7 years. Joseph has a keen understanding of underwriting guidelines which enables him to structure deals and obtain the best programs for his clients. Joseph was routinely a Top Producer and leader in sales at any company he worked for. His strong sales skills combined with his natural people skills make Joseph comfortable and successful in sales management. He utilizes these skills at National Business Capital where he runs the sales floor/team and manages the marketing and branding. Joseph helped innovate systems and process flow at the company by utilizing technology.

Joseph has a true respect for anyone who owns a business and enjoys engaging them in discussions of how they “made it happen”. He appreciates the stories whether they are about success or failing and trying again.

Joseph was born in New York and raised in Connecticut and Long Island. He enjoys fishing, skiing, and drives to the north fork of Long Island to visit local wineries. Joseph is an active member of the community and often donates his time, along with money, to local charities.

James Webster
CEO & Co-Founder

James Webster, CEO and partner at National Business Capital, brings innovation and passion to business finance. An interest in business was fostered at a young age for James. He studied Business Management in school and has managed various sales floors since the age of 18. He has years of experience in finance, with a focus on business finance and payment processing.

In 2009, James co-founded National Business Capital, One of the nation's leading sources for business financing. National Business Capital provides working capital to businesses nationwide regardless of credit background. James has a skill for identifying the strengths and needs of a business and enjoys investing and watching the business grow successfully. Through networking and building professional relationships, James is able to provide education and support to businesses on both a national and local level.

James was born and raised on Long Island where he currently lives with his wife, Melissa, and daughter, Lilyanna. He is an active member of the Long Island community and feels a special commitment to local businesses. James personally donates time and money to various charities as well as facilitates charitable endeavors by National Business Capital.

Along with his passion for business, James has an intense passion for his family. He enjoys the outdoors, skiing, boating, traveling and sports events, but most especially, he loves spending time with his daughter.