Emerging technologies are changing the face of the foodservice industry. Equipping your restaurant with the right tools to leverage these trends has the potential to boost profits and increase efficiency by transforming the way you approach customer service and manage daily operations.

Here’s the 5 best restaurant upgrades that help you seat more tables, and streamline operations—just in time for 2019’s busy season!

1. Self-Order Kiosks: for Serving More Customers Faster

Customers choose quick-service and fast-casual restaurants because they want to be served as soon as possible. Waiting in a long line isn’t an option, and people will leave to find another place to eat if they have to stand around for too long.

Installing self-service kiosks at the front counter expedites the ordering process. Customers can come in, customize their meals or drinks and get served more quickly. You save money by minimizing the number of staff members required to man the counter and increase can use add-on and combo offers to increase profits.

Automate the entire process by choosing a kiosk with built-in payment options. Allowing customers to handle orders on their own from beginning to end cuts down on wait times and makes your restaurant the go-to place for fast service.

2. Digital Inventory Tracking: For Keeping Popular Items in Stock

People come to your restaurant craving a specific meal or drink. If you lack the supplies to provide it, you could lose not only the sale itself, but a returning customer as well.

Digital inventory tracking minimizes this problem with integrated systems designed to help foodservice companies avoid running out of ingredients for popular dishes.

Digital systems that integrate with your ordering and point-of-sale (POS) platforms use data from customer purchases to make smart predictions regarding how much of each item you should keep on hand. This not only prevents the dreaded words, “I’m sorry; we’re out,” but also alerts you to slow-moving items for which you don’t need to stock as many ingredients.

3. Automate Inventory Purchases with New Tracking Software

To virtually eliminate problems with low stock, link your digital inventory platform with an automated ordering system.

Instead of spending hours counting inventory or scrambling to make last-minute purchases when something runs low, you can let your new software automate the process. Inventory numbers update as customers make purchases, so your employees are never greeted by an empty shelf when they go to retrieve ingredients.

Some ordering platforms are able to make purchasing suggestions based on customer order volumes, and suggest the best times to purchase using information about vendor delivery times. You can set a threshold at which orders are automatically placed to replenish stock before it runs out.

4. Monitor Employee Efficiency & Customer Experience with Data Collection Software

Foodservice technology collects data constantly, and you can use these insights to:

  • Personalize customer experiences
  • Schedule employee shifts according to surges in customer activity
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Eliminate slow movers from the menu

Letting data inform these decisions takes the guesswork out of foodservice management, and cuts down on time and money wasted during a process of trial and error.

5. Mobile Restaurant Apps: For Expanding Your Customer Base

Apps are one of the biggest foodservice technology trends and have been growing in popularity for the past several years. In fact, according to a report from Business Insider, mobile ordering is predicted to account for over 10% of all restaurant sales by 2020.

In other words, your customers are already doing just about everything via smartphone. So if you don’t have a mobile ordering option, you’re missing out on appealing to an enormously profitable customer base.

With a faster, simplified dining experience for your customers, implementing a mobile ordering and payment system gives your establishment an extreme advantage over your competition.

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