Why The “You’re Pre-Approved” Strategy Can Work For Your Business


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Why The “You’re Pre-Approved” Strategy Can Work For You

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Have you ever felt like there’s nothing else you can do even after you’ve done everything to increase traffic for your website? Each marketer faces such a tough challenge, not to mention the stiff competition among other businesses. After multiple attempts of making a lucrative business and it seems like there’s nowhere else to go, maybe a simple and catchy phrase can do the trick for you.

In the marketing world, you need to do everything you can to get the interest of potential customers. Here’s why pre-approvals can work for you.

It’s Like Hitting The Jackpot

Anybody can go ecstatic once they learn something good is happening to them. Offers like pre-approved financing seems like winning the lottery and that just seems to make it all better. When your potential customers trust you with these kinds of offers, it’s not difficult to sell them anything.

Anyone who has already a good chance of getting a final approval can grab this opportunity to try services that will seal the deal. In effect, many marketing campaigns have truly worked and pre-approval conversions have seen a rising trend in the world of advertising, especially when it comes to credit card companies.

Pre-Approvals Contribute To Less Stressful Transactions

In the game of marketing, it’s important to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Rejection is hard to accept and applying the pre-approval method would make it less stressful for you to transact with them. It’s not easy dealing with money but if you’re starting it right with your prospects, you can get a positive response in return.

Pre-approvals create interesting areas around the marketing process. It can increase the chances of conversion, which was proven after analysis of direct marketing campaign processes was done.

Determine The Reason Your Prospects Are Not Buying

It’s easy to say that lack of financing or money is the common culprit. That’s why this strategy should work for them. Most customers simply reject your offers because they lack the financial means to buy your product or service. No matter how good the offer is, some customers consider right away their financial standing and that’s something hard to change.

No matter how convincing your strategy is, if your customer does not have money to engage in your product, then your business will fall on deaf ears. In the B2B (business-to-business) world, financing and, more often than not, flexibility matter — a lot. A customer’s purchasing decision sometimes depends on how flexible you are to conduct business, especially with the financing part. This is all part of a strategy that you need to risk and enable success in your future campaigns.

This shouldn’t be a problem. There are simple yet effective steps to engage your customers that they are right on track in trusting you to conduct business. Once you’re able to get your prospects to buy, you can definitely turn around your venture.

State The Obvious

It’s your responsibility to simply give your customers a reminder that they are eligible already for a credit term in your company. While they may not be aware of this, letting them know may ring a bell and can signify a start of something better — both for them and for your business as well. The communication part is key. Simply include in your communication with them the terms that they are already eligible. Letting them see their account status helps in increasing their awareness on the offers that they might be missing.

Get Some Assistance

Make your terms less restrictive to the customers. Consider getting some partners who will work with you to create pre-approved credit terms for your customers. You may have to collaborate with other organizations and institutions to make these possible. It’s easier to attract your customers when you have established affordable offers that make everything simple and easy to market to your intended recipients.

Credit card companies usually apply these to lure their customers to trust them with their finances. Pre-approved taglines work best for those wanting to find an easier banking process, thus skipping all the complicated steps that usually come with bank applications. The good thing is, this really worked for them, making it easier for these companies to drive sales.

Hire Marketing Help for Better Engagement

Although pre-approvals can open the door for more customers to connect with your company and take advantage of your products, the way you present your message is the key to success with this strategy. Customers receive numerous offers from companies every day and ignore the majority of the advertising they see. Your pre-approvals need to be both eye-catching and appealing, without the uncomfortable “in your face” element that can turn potential customers off.

Hiring a marketing agency to work on the copy and design for your offers takes the pressure off you and adds a professional touch to your pre-approval materials. Professional marketers can analyze your target audience and identify the groups most likely to convert, thereby streamlining your efforts and saving you time and money. Since this approach does require an upfront investment, which can be a challenge if you’re struggling to grow your business, you might want to consider a line of credit to cover the cost.

Once you’re confident in your assessment of your target audience and have a pre-approval strategy planned and ready to launch, additional marketing services like those offered by National can provide support through other channels. Reaching out using social media, pay-per-click advertising and organic SEO strategies spreads the word that your company is the go-to option for hassle-free financing and ensures your marketing messages remain consistent across platforms.

Driving new sales can be a real challenge for any marketer. More efforts must be put in to convince potential customers to try your products and/or services. A little push to let them know they are just a step away from getting benefits from you is definitely a good way to change their negative or lukewarm reaction to a positive one.

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Last Updated on February 19, 2015

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