From an oncology suite to a dentist’s office, the machinery and equipment that medical specialists use for diagnosis and treatment is key in delivering quality patient care. Therefore, when any medical equipment requires replacement before its projected end date, financing for its replacement must be located quickly.

As a business, a medical practice or healthcare facility will maintain working capital to ensure that projected expenses will be met. While a major contingency is planned for, the amount of liquidity may not always be sufficient to cover such a major expense, or even the use of another facility’s equipment in the interim.

Where to Go for Fast Medical Equipment Funding

Equipment funding through a bank, if the borrower qualifies, can take up to several months. To ensure continued quality of patient care, many medical practitioners have found a financial partner in the alternative financing industry.

As a leading alternative financing company, National Business Capital assists our clients obtain additional working capital quickly. Specialized Equipment Financing is based on reasonable underwriting criteria.

This means a low FICO or even an open tax lien will not immediately disqualify an application.

The application takes an average of 1 minute to complete and does not require a great deal of supportive documentation. Nor are there any upfront fees. Financing decisions are made in 24 hours or less and upon approval the money is available to borrowers in days.

Learn more about National’s list of loans for doctors and dentists here.

Benefits of Alternative Medical Business Financing

There are additional benefits to this type of financing as well. Banks often restrict whom the new equipment may be purchased or leased from. National does not restrict how the financing is used. Borrowers may use the vendor of their choice.

In addition to Equipment Financing, we provide information and guidance regarding other financing options available to benefit any medical practice.

How to Apply for Healthcare Equipment Funding Today

To learn more, speak with one of our Expert Advisors. For a confidential business review, call us at (877) 482-3008.

Or, apply today by filling out a quick, simple 60-second application online to get the equipment funds you need in as little as 24 hours.