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Minority Business Loans

Funding Opportunities for Minority Entrepreneurs

You deserve equal access to the capital resources all successful businesses utilize to grow and develop. That's why National Business Capital offers small business loans for minority business owners through our marketplace-to ensure that entrepreneurs of all races and ethnicities gain the opportunity to fund their business goals with greater ease, speed and convenience, and respect. 

As a company that works with people of all ethnicities within all industries, National understands that opportunity in diversity is what our country is founded on, but also essential to drive economic growth.

Benefits of Small Business Loans for Minorities

Minority business owners have a much tougher time getting funded than other demographics on average, even if they have records showing strong financials, stellar sales, and excellent FICO scores. Does that sound wrong to you? That's because it is. 

Your funding options should be based on the merits of your business, and nothing else. That’s why National’s 75+ Lender Marketplace allows you to find the best business funding programs your business needs to grow with qualifications based on your business’s revenue and opportunity.

Through our marketplace, you can qualify for financing options fit to help all small business owners. Featuring programs from over 75 leading small business lenders, our marketplace helps all business owners get the funding they need with honesty and transparency, instead of obstacles.


  • 90% approval based mainly on revenue, without significant credit barriers
  • No industry restrictions, even for industries that are typically viewed as high-risk
  • Expedited, same-day funding process (which could take as little as a few hours)
  • Minimized paperwork with a seamless process that allows you to provide financial information by securely connecting your bank accounts through our bank-grade portal
  • Access to more than 75+ specialized lenders and a knowledgeable Business Financing Advisor who will work to understand your business before finding the right solution

How to Get Approved for Minority Business Loans

National Business Capital approves over 90% of businesses that apply for funding through our simplified process.

We understand that you’re working toward something, and that a sky-high credit score may not always be a possibility. Instead of holding you to unrealistic standards, we look at where your business is right now, and where it’s going. To qualify for financing, all you need is:

  • $120K in annual sales 
  • 6 months minimum time in business
  • No minimum credit score

Additionally, there are no collateral requirements—meaning you can find options without real estate to secure your financing.

Instead, all you need to get a minority business loan is an ambitious business with high revenue and a vision to take things to the next level. 

To get started, all you need to do is fill out our 1-minute application online! A Business Financing Advisor will explain your options to help you choose the best one in as little as 24 hours.

One of the first things you’ll notice on your search for financing is that there are a lot of options, and not all of them are the same. Depending on your business model and goals, you may qualify for one or more. 

A Business Financing Advisor can talk you through your options to help you choose the best one based on your goals.

Types of Business Loans for Minorities

No two businesses are identical. With goals ranging from hiring to buying new inventory to opening a new location, your business deserves unique attention and tailored advice.

National offers a variety of business financing options for all business owners to apply for, including minorities. 

Based on your goals, you may qualify for one of the following:

How to Apply for Minority Business Loans

Ready to get started exploring your options? Apply online to get the ball rolling, and a Business Financing Advisor will reach out once we learn about any options on the table!

You could get funding in as little as a few hours—why wait!

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