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How to Get Bad Credit Business Loans

bad credit business loansGetting a business loan with bad credit can be incredibly difficult if you don’t know how to find a lender that doesn’t base approval on FICO alone.

Credit Isn’t Everything.

In the aftermath of the Great Recession and the ensuing credit crunch, there are many commercial enterprises with outstanding business strategies but suffer from poor credit.

As a nationally recognized leader in business lending, National Business Capital is eager to help these companies secure financing. For business owners wondering how to get a small business loan with bad credit, there are a number of available options.

Bad Credit Business Loan Requirements

National Business Capital can help you obtain unsecured business loans, equipment financing and business lines of credit to all companies from virtually all industries. Our approval process does NOT center around credit score and extensive financial histories, requiring:

  • NO Minimum FICO
  • NO Minimum Annual Sales
  • NO Minimum Time in Business
  • And NO Personal or Business Collateral in Order to be Qualified.

Bad Credit Business Loans Rates, Terms and Amounts

  • Amounts: $10k-$5 Million in funds can be secured through our bad credit business financing programs.
  • Terms: 6 Months-10 Year terms are offered to bad credit borrowers for both long and short-term business funding solutions.
  • Rates: Banks and traditional lenders secure financing with unreasonably high rates for business owners with bad credit, due to their view of low FICO scores being “untrustworthy” according to their arbitrary standards.We don’t see it like that at all. Businesses with excellent sales and financial histories can have bad credit scores to, due to countless variables that may not even be the business owner’s fault – that’s no reason to deny businesses with the funds they need to grow. That’s why we secure financing for bad credit borrowers with the lowest rates in our exclusive marketplace of over 75+ lenders. 

How to Get Business Loans with Bad Credit

First, give us a call at (877) 482-3008, or fill out our simple 1-minute application here. 

We can then secure you with the small business loan or line of credit of your choice in as little as 24 hours.

Yes – it’s really that simple.

Avoid Traditional Lenders

If you’re wondering how to get a small business loan with bad credit, you should avoid the traditional loan process entirely.

A business line of credit will provide you with fast access to financing.  This financing option is not solely based on credit scores and gives businesses the flexibility to only borrow what they need.

Bad Credit Equipment Financing

For companies seeking new or upgraded equipment, National Business Capital offers equipment financing or leasing. These 1-5 year terms provide competitive payment options and provide quick delivery of necessary equipment from the vendor of choice.

Where Banks See Risk, We Find Opportunity.

Give us a call at (877) 482-3008 or fill out our 1-minute application, and a Business Financing Advisor will get in touch with you shortly. Your business can implement a new growth strategy in virtually no time at all with their streamlined financing process.

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