Business Loans for Women

The variety of available business loans for women offer fair, flexible financing options that help empower women entrepreneurs with lower rates, larger approvals and accommodating terms. Females deserve access to the same business financing opportunities as any other gender-not only because women play an essential role in building a healthy business economy, but because fair and equal treatment is a fundamental human right.

To help provide equal funding opportunities for women business owners, NBC created The Empowerment Loan™: a financing product just for women entrepreneurs with simplified approval, along with an exclusive list of benefits.

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NBC’s Exclusive Empowerment Loan Benefits

Here’s a list of exclusive benefits that women are receiving from NBC when applying for small business funding:

secured a small business loan for women

approved for business loans for women

Types of Business Loans for Women

Every woman-owned business is unique, and so each will benefit from different types of woman business loans in different ways. Browse through our business funding programs to find the best one for your specific business needs.

With so many options available, NBC offers a small business loan for women that helps accomplish virtually any need, from any industry. Give us a call at (877) 482-3008 to review your options with a Business Financing Advisor to explore your options further!

How NBC Empowers Women Entrepreneurs

More than 11.5 million businesses are now owned by women in the US, responsible for the employment of over 9 million people, collectively generating over $1.7 trillion in sales last year alone—and projections show no intention of slowing down.

Yet recent studies revealed that over 50% of women entrepreneurs still report having trouble getting the business loans and business lines of credit they need—a significantly higher percentage than business-owning men. Does that sound arrogant to you? That’s because it is.

There’s a reason why business-owning women choose NBC when seeking funds to grow their companies. In a time when equal opportunity and respect for women is threatened, NBC is doing everything they can to empower women in every way they can by offering opportunities to female entrepreneurs in ways that others simply can’t.

Small Business Loans for Women Empowerment: A Success Story

Since we’ve launched our financing programs for women, we’ve helped thousands of women-owned businesses of all sizes and industries grow, improve and expand in ways never before possible.

Read through this success story of a woman named Leslie D., the owner of a music shop in rural Maine who used our new expedited SBA program for women to grow and expand her business when banks and other traditional lenders turned her down!

Read Leslie D.’s SBA Success Story

SBA Loan for women Leslie used to grow her music shop with business loans for women

How to Apply for Small Business Loans for Women 

Call us today at (877) 482-3008 or fill out our simple 1-minute application below to get the funds you need in as little as 24 hours to grow with speed, simplicity and respect. 

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