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The variety of available business loans for women offer fair, flexible financing options that help empower women entrepreneurs with lower rates, larger approvals and accommodating terms.

Females deserve access to the same business financing opportunities as any other gender not only because women play an essential role in building a healthy business economy, but because fair and equal treatment is a fundamental human right.

To help provide equal funding opportunities for women business owners, National Business Capital created The Empowerment Loan™: a financing product just for women entrepreneurs with simplified approval, along with an exclusive list of benefits.

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National’s Exclusive Empowerment Loan Benefits

Here’s a list of exclusive benefits that women are receiving from National when applying for small business funding:

90% Approval Rate for All Women Entrepreneurs

Over 90% of all women who apply for business funding through National are able to secure the funds they need, due to our simplified qualification process that does NOT depend on credit score, annual revenue, and financial history.

Profitability Not Necessary

You don’t need huge profitability to qualify for the business funding you’re after.

No Annual Revenue Minimum

Whether you’re making trillions of dollars per year in sales or thousands, we have business loans for women that make any amount of annual revenue.

No Minimum Time in Business Necessary

National offers funding to women-owned businesses of all ages, from the most elderly, to the youngest taking their first steps. Because how would any business be able to grow, if it was denied any sort of funding from the start?

No Minimum FICO Required

We’re not a bank. We understand that no business is defined by its credit score. If your business shows promise, then what does something arbitrary like your credit score matter to the bigger picture? National’s business loans for women with bad credit make financing a breeze, in spite of what traditional lenders would have you believe.

No Collateral Needed

If you’re worried about leveraging your assets, National offers business loans for women with no required collateral. These unsecured financing options are actually some of the fastest and easiest options to get, as no time is needed to be spent on valuation. They also feature some of the most flexible and convenient terms on the market.

Expedited Funding Process

Through cutting-edge technology and the utilization of our lightning-fast, real-time marketplace, women typically secure capital in as little as 24-48 hours after applying. We are proud of our ability to streamline and expedite the funding process with services that minimize paperwork, and immediately locate the best possible offers within our exclusive global marketplace of over 75+ specialized lenders that perfectly suit your needs.

24/7 Access to a Business Financing Advisor, from Start to Finish

We’re not just trying to sell you a business loan. We’re trying to help you grow and develop your business to match the goals you envision. To achieve this, we grant 24/7 access to a dedicated Business Financing Advisor, who will be in contact with you throughout the funding process from start to finish to make sure everything goes as quickly and efficiently as possible, and ensure that you get offers with the terms that perfectly match your needs

Types of Business Loans for Women

With so many options available, National offers a small business loan for women that helps accomplish virtually any need, from any industry.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

More than 11.5 million businesses are now owned by women in the US, responsible for the employment of over 9 million people, collectively generating over $1.7 trillion in sales last year alone—and projections show no intention of slowing down.

Yet recent studies revealed that over 50% of women entrepreneurs still report having trouble getting the business loans and business lines of credit they need—a significantly higher percentage than business-owning men. Does that sound arrogant to you? That’s because it is.

There’s a reason why business-owning women choose National when seeking funds to grow their companies. In a time when equal opportunity and respect for women is threatened, National is doing everything it can to empower women in every way we can by offering opportunities to female entrepreneurs in ways that others simply can’t.


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